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DL Sales Corp offers some of the top products in the filtration industry. If you need air or liquid filtration products in Phoenix, AZ, check out what we can provide below. If you’re interested in the services that we provide alongside these products, click here to learn more.

HVAC Air Filtration

Want to improve the quality of your air? We work with top brands to ensure the air in your building is clean. Feel free to click on each brand name to see air filtration products in Phoenix, AZ.


Paint Booth (NESHAP)

Bag & Pleated Filters

High Efficiency Mini-Pleats

Activated Carbon

Fiberglass Filters

Side Access Housings



HEPA Bag In/Bag Out


Air Pollution & Air Cleaning Systems

Worried about dust, oil mist, or other air pollution? No problem! Here are some of the top brands we work with. Click each brand name to see a full list of air pollution control and air cleaning systems.

Dust Collectors

Centralized Cartridge Collectors


Cyclone Collectors


Oil Mist Collector


Replacement Cartridges

Quick Clamp Duct & Components

UV Air Purification Systems

Industrial Belts & Motors

Whether you need heavy duty, light duty, banded, or specialty belts, we have it all. Click the brand names to see products that interest you.

Heavy Duty/Light Duty


Industrial Motors

Evaporative Coolers

We have a wide selection of evaporative coolers for your business, including stainless steel coolers for extra durability and strength.

Commercial Evaporative Coolers

Standard Aspen & Rigid Media Coolers

Stainless Steel Coolers

Replacement Parts & Pumps


Evaporative Cooler Media

Need parts for your evaporative coolers? We also provide evaporative cooler pads and media for industrial, commercial, and residential evaporative coolers.

Cellular Media

Aspen Pads

Process Filtration

Whether you need water filters, strainers, or oil filtration products in Phoenix, AZ, DL Sales Corp can match you with the right brand and product to suit your needs.

High Purity Chemical/Gas Filters

High Purity Water Filters/Membrane

Bag Filters & Vessels

Water Filters

Industrial Filter Elements

Coalescing Filters


Cartridges & Housing

Oil Filters & Systems

Separators & Steam Traps

Sand Filters & Separators

Backwashing Tubular & Mechanical Cleaned Filtration Systems

Fans & Blowers

These industrial fans and blowers are designed to withstand high pressures and draw or push large volumes of air.

Fume Exhausters, Pressure Blower, & Radial/BI Exhausters

Food Service

Beverage, Ice, Coffee, Steamers

Combi-Oven, Proofer Over, Ware-Washing

Heat Exchangers

Heat exchangers are one of the most efficient ways to transfer and distribute heat. Keep your heat exchanger running smoothly with these products.

Copper Brazed Evaporators, Condenser, & Process Plate Exchangers


Gasketed Plate & Frame and All-Welded Heat Exchangers


Services Performed

In addition to providing you with top brands and the latest filtration products in Phoenix, AZ, DL Sales Corp offers installation and maintenance services for commercial and manufacturing businesses.

Installation of Air Filters

We install HVAC filters in commercial and industrial facilities, including manufacturing facilities, hospitals, office complexes, semiconductor plants, restaurants, etc. Our NAFA Certified Technicians have gone through background checks, drug testing, and they are trained in all aspects of air filter installation.

Customized Filter Schedules

We evaluate our filter changing frequencies to confirm optimum filter change points. Our sales engineers perform these evaluations with the utmost care. To ensure quality, our engineers are CAFS (Certified Air Filter Specialist) through the National Air Filtration Association, and they are NCT (NAFA Certified Technicians) Service Technicians.

HVAC Coil Cleaning

We thoroughly and professionally clean HVAC systems. This promotes proper air flow and heat transfer, resulting in a more efficient system and lower energy bills.

Life Cycle Costing Analysis

We provide Life Cycle Costing Analysis and Evaluation to determine ways we can help you save money on all of your filtration products. Life cycle costing promotes energy savings through lower initial pressure drop filters replacement and it improves cost savings through high capacity longer life filters.

Evaporative Cooler Maintenance and Installation

We maintain and install a variety of evaporative coolers and cooler parts. These include cooler start-up and winterizing as well as replacing Aspen Pads, rigid cooler media (DeltaDek-He), belts, pulleys, pumps, floats, etc.

Installation of Water Filtration Systems

We install filters for ice machines, soda fountains, RO filters, etc.

Chemical Free Cooling Tower Treatment

Our technicians install and monitor the performance of our Chemical Free Cooling Tower Treatment.

Heat Exchanger Cleaning

We’re equipped to clean gasketing, provide chemical cleaning, and perform power washing.

Cooling Tower Cleaning

Professional cooling tower cleaning.

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