Come to DL Sales Corp for Process Filtration in Phoenix, AZ

Liquid process filtration plays a critical role in many of the items consumers purchase, including the water you drink and the food you eat.

For example, the paint you purchase at the store is passed through a series of filters to ensure it is smooth and ready to go on the wall. The water you drink moves through sophisticated strainers to pull debris out before it goes to a waste water plant for treatment.

At DL Sales Corp, we represent manufacturers specializing in process filtration.

  • With Eaton Filtration, we can provide liquid bag houses, automatic strainers, or cartridge housings.
  • With Velcon filters we can remove water from oil.
  • With Strainrite Filtration, we can help you with absolute rated filters for high purity water or high flow applications such as power plant water.

With a wide variety of manufacturers, we can offer you the best product in the market.

For more information, contact our sales team for your quote.

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