Columbus Industries Sets The Bar For High Efficiency Filters: Improve Indoor Air Quality

Written by DL Sales Corp on . Posted in Filter Products

DL Sales Corporation is proud to be a partner with Columbus Industries. Once recognized at the AHR Expo for the most innovative product, Columbus Industries has designed industry leading high efficiency filters to improve indoor air quality. Combine the lowest initial pressure drops, with MERV 14+ efficiency, and come

to market with competitive prices, and you have a recipe to save so much money in energy your filters will be FREE! These filters don’t have to stay in commercial buildings; they can be drop shipped to your home. Improve your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) by upgrading to a MERV 14 without restricting your air conditioner. Contrary to your Air Conditioning contractor’s old belief that only fiberglass can be put in a home, these filters offer high efficiency at the same restriction as your fiberglass filter. Try our “Request more information” form and will receive the information via email.